Thursday, March 5, 2015

Frontier vs. Comcast


In my blog I will write about whatever I want:  my thoughts, experiences, whatever. By now it should be obvious that I am passionate about art, and I  am passionate about customer service. I've always loved art, and I've always been a compassionate and understanding person which is why I've worked in customer service roles for most of my life.

Today I had one of the best customer service experiences I've had in a long time. Probably the best experience with a telco or cable provider ever. Let me set up the story.

So I had Comcast for years. I worked for them from 2002- 2004; and again in 2012 until February 2013 . My whole family and I had Comcast not because they provided such excellent service, but basically because they were, at least for a long time, the only choice. Their programming was decent, their internet speeds were great, DSL couldn't touch them, but their customer service was atrocious from the beginning, and got progressively worse and worse over time. Last year Comcast earned the title "Worst Company in America." They worked hard for that too, outsourcing all of their tech support jobs overseas, while turning their sales team into heartless vultures. Comcast treats their employees like light bulbs:  they bring them in bright and hot, and when they burn out, they toss them into the garbage. When I lost my job, I begged and pleaded with them to work with me to keep at least the internet on, at any speed, so I could search for a new job. But the nice little Filipino kid on the other end of the call simply said, "I'm sorry sir, there's nothing I can do..." Regardless of the fact that I had been a customer for 13 years.

Well I had the pleasure of speaking with Crystal from Frontier today. I was really hoping to get FiOS, but it's not yet available in the area. Fortunately, however, DSL (at higher speeds than I have ever heard of) IS available in my area. Originally, I had called a couple of days ago to ask questions, I wasn't ready to do it yet, but she gave me her number and extension, which is nice for a change, from having some pushy salesperson high-pressure close me because they're so desperate to sell. Crystal took time to answer all my questions and get me the best product and price. And it was good to work with someone in the Pacific Northwest. She really related to me and I never felt like she was standing on me to close the sale. She even gave me $5 off for setting up auto-pay (which is probably a sales metric, but way to slide that in there; good job Crystal!) She also told me that Frontier is completely US based, so I won't have to call someone in The Philippines, or South America, or India to get help if I need. it. Can't wait for my install, I hope the product is as good as the service.