Friday, April 12, 2019

Uber/Lyft Unaccompanied Minors

If you drive for Uber or Lyft, you'll probably agree that the biggest nuisances are unaccompanied minors, and parents without proper seats for their small children (violation of state and/or federal law). It seems that neither of the platforms are willing to get serious about the problem, however we all know, they are serious about punishing drivers who break the rules. I have created the following flyer to hand out to kids who want to ride alone and parents without proper seating for their small children. Every time we encounter a minor requesting a ride, it’s always the same four relentless rebuttals:

  1. The last guy did it...
  2. I do this all the time...
  3. Where does it say anything about age (or car seat requirements)?...
  4. I'm only going a short distance...

The purpose of this flyer is to have something concrete to counter those rebuttals and reduce the amount of time we have to spend arguing with passengers we cannot take according to the terms of service for Uber and Lyft, and/or in accordance with state and federal law. Rebuttals are invalid, and in most cases the passenger already knows this. Just because they were able to break the rules before, does not make it right.

The passenger can scan the QR code and see exactly where the rules are for both underage riders and the applicable car seat/booster regulation.

Please feel free to download this FREE flyer and share. You can print them yourself or have them printed professionally. I had a run printed at Office Depot.  

Take the file with the printer's marks to Office Depot and ask for:  "4-up, double-sided and cut." We got our printed on 28# super white paper, and also asked to have them bound to tablets (optional) so we could just tear them off as needed, no need for rubber bands or paper clips, but you can bind them or not bind them according to your preference. I had them do a run of 25 which yielded 100 double-sided flyers. You may choose whatever amount you would like to print, and reprint as necessary. "4-up" means they will print four to a page at 8.5x11" to maximize the yield while keeping everything legible. The final product will be about half the size of a postcard, perfect to keep anywhere in your car or pocket.

The file was designed to be printed with Uber on one side, Lyft on the other, but can be printed with one and not the other if desired. There is no restriction on anyone printing and using for their own ride share purposes. I am not looking to make a profit, however no one is authorized to sell any part of these flyers to anyone else.

If you would like to use this flyer, and you are outside of the Portland, Oregon market, please reach out to me. I can customize it for your market. 

If you have any feedback or special requests, please email me: I would be very grateful to read any comments you may have. 


ALL MARKETS are available upon request. I created a template in Adobe InDesign, all I need to do is pop in your car seat law and send it off; the rules and regulations for unaccompanied minors are identical from market to market. I can turn these around in about 10 minutes; as late as 24 hours if I'm working. 


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