Welcome to Titanium Toast
where the titanium meets the toast

So everybody who reads this blog asks me "how did you come up with the name?" Well...that's a funny story.

Back in my twenties, my friends and I used to like to party. We hit the club scene like every weekend. Usually we'd go out on Saturday nights, but there were plenty of times we went out on Friday nights as well. A typical night would be like three clubs and maybe an additional bar or two. We'd stay out all night for the most part. We'd go to regular clubs until they closed around 2:00 am, then hit an after hours place until it closed around 4:00 am. After collecting our group, we went back to my place to crash. Back then my brother and I had a four bedroom house with a bonus room, so we ALWAYS had boarders. The next morning I'd get up and make French toast for everyone.

That became my nickname unofficially until one night at a karaoke bar in the Summer of 2004. I had never done karaoke before and my friends were egging me on to sing because they knew I'd get up there and put on a show. I really like making my friends laugh. So I got up there in the spotlight. The announcer asked "what's your name?" I froze. Then my friend belted out "FRENCH TOAST!" and everybody laughed. Well that loosened me up and I killed it! That night, at a bar way out in the country, I was officially christened "French Toast."

The idea of starting a blog was really to see if I could do it. It was an experiment. I didn't really have a solid subject matter, so I just figured I'd write about movies, music and technology and stuff that I like. I wanted a name that was catchy and funny, and I wanted something associated with my nickname, since I have always been fond of it. The name Titanium Toast came to mind. I wanted something that sounded strong and technical, even futuristic. Titanium is the strongest metal known, and is used in a lot of high tech applications, so it was a perfect fit!


Here's a guide to explain the tabs. Each will have posts discussing specific topics. Those topics that don't fit into one of the tabs, will still be labeled, so you can find them in the sidebar links under "Sections." 

The main page, obviously, where all posts start out regardless of their topic.

The only place you'll find my background, information on the site, and this guide.

Some of my art and photography.

Articles on mental health and well being.

Topics on art, history, and culture.

My passion for music.

All about movies.

Articles on my experiences with various businesses. I take customer service VERY seriously.  This page will has two additional labels attached:  Good Customer Service, and Bad Customer Service.

Soon to be Code Log, a place to keep a log of all the HTML and CSS hacks that I use on my site for future reference.

GADGET - A place for all my thoughts on technology and toys. Geek pride.

If you would like to contact me, you may e-mail me: chrishirsch2@gmail.com.