Saturday, March 22, 2014

Now You See Me

Time to write my review of Now You See Me. I wrote a review of it when it came out last summer on Facebook. But Facebook reviews just don't seem to do justice to a a film like this. When I'm writing anything on Facebook, I'm always concerned about my audience, what they'll think, whether they'll agree with me or think I'm full of shit. But most of all, with anything I write on Facebook, I'm concerned with how much to say; or how little to say for that matter.

To me, Facebook is like the morning paper. I really just breeze through most of it because most of it is just horseshit anyway; people bragging or bitching about everything from not getting along with a co-worker to going to the Bahamas for the fifth time this year. I do however get into a few of posts; friends in need; celebrations of something truly worth celebrating, etc. So for me, blogging is the way to go for reviewing movies.

As I said previously, I first saw this film last summer, and LOVED IT. I rented the BD and watched it several times when it was released, too broke to buy myself a copy. This is a film I could watch over and over and enjoy it more with each viewing. This is a film I have added to to My Top 10 MOST Favorite Films of All Time. Truly a "magic movie."

As a kid I loved magic. I used to watch all the TV specials, David Copperfield was my favorite. I really got into TV shows and movies that had to do with magic or at least a few cool tricks. My favorite was Mission Impossible (1998) with Peter Graves. They did the coolest stuff with practical and special effects and make-up. I wish they'd bring a spy show like that back. I never really got into the original. Growing up in LA, my parents told me about The Magic Castle, a secret society venue run by a cabal of performing magicians. I thought it was all real; bought into it all. When we'd go on family vacations to San Diego, we'd take a stroll and always run into this great little novelty shop. They had the dumbest magic tricks there, among practical jokes and adult humor, but I thought they were great, though they never fooled anyone. At one time I wanted to be a magician, or at least make people laugh.

So when I saw the trailer for Now You See Me, I was hooked.

Four magicians join together to create a mega show, each showcasing their own unique talents. J. Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg): slight of hand; Merritt McKinney (Woody Harrelson): mentalist; Henley Reeves (Isla Fisher); escape artist; and Jack Wilder (Dave Franco): pick-pocket. Four people who generally didn't know one another, except Atlas and Reeves, who had a previous tense relationship - all brought together by a mystery entity to perform ostentatious shows in which banks are robbed on stage and revenge plots are pulled off.

I was at the edge of my seat the whole time, nearly fell out of it with all the plot twists and turns. All the tricks are camera tricks and CG artwork of course, but done very well. It was the kind of thing you wished WAS real; the kind of thing you wished you could pay a hundred bucks to see live in Vegas.

And I love a good revenge plot. The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) is also one of my favorite movies. As a Christian I hold the belief that only God has right of vengeance, and there are plenty of verses to backup this belief. But growing up in the town I did, having the childhood I did, being bullied day in and day out and not having the strength or the courage to fight back, 

IMDb gave this film 7.3 stars. Not bad. The Toast gives it 9 easy.

I know these stories are a dime-a-dozen; that they all start out the same way, and end the same way, like Ocean's 11. But we loved Ocean's 11, so we went to Ocean's 12, and Ocean's 13. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's always a good time watching some well-deserving asshole get it in the end.

The well set plot gave plenty of clues about a sequel. Lionsgate says they'll be starting principal photography in the fall. Definitely gonna watch for that one.