Wednesday, September 3, 2014

AT&T Upgrade Experience

About a month ago, I noticed that my iPhone was really starting downhill. I had a 4S that I bought in February of 2012. I held onto that phone because it was basically the best iPhone I ever had. Having been an iPhone fanatic since 2008, I've owned four models now, always upgrading with the "S" model. 

When I got my first iPhone, I couldn't put it down. I thought it was the greatest thing I had ever seen. But only 8GB of storage, so I could only have about about a quarter of my music collection with me and maybe a movie or two. When the 3GS came out, I was ecstatic. At the time, my music collection was around 20GB, so I could finally have it all with me everywhere I went. And I LOVED the interface with iTunes. I could buy music on the go and it would automatically update to my collection on my computer. My 4S experience, I could only equate to what people describe the joy of having a child. I was so enthralled with this version. The glass front and back made for a very sleek, almost sexy, look and the perfectly flat design was SO much better than that curved back piece-of-crap design on the 3GS. (I don't know what they were thinking.) 

I like to change up the choice from model to model. The 2G only came in one choice. I bought a black 3GS; then I got a white 4S just to be different. I had sleek black cases on the first two. But I wanted something red for the 4S. So an Apple Store employee directed me to Uncommon:  a site where you can design your own case. That was fun! I created a case with a Knight Templar charging with a red background. Loved it! Guaranteed not to fade or scratch, but after two and a half years, it was faded...and scratched.

So far the 5S has been the coolest device ever. I love that they built the design off of the 4S. The shape is very similar, and it's a flat, squared design with a chamfered rail, and about 2/3 the thickness, and noticeably lighter. I love the fingerprint reader. One thing I really hated about any cell phone was having to put in that code every time I opened it. This time I chose "Space Gray." The gold and silver options just looked too similar to my 4S. Plus this phone kind of looks like Darth Vader. So you gotta love that.


After two major iOS upgrades and two and a half years of wear and tear, my little 4S was starting to show it's age. Kind of uncanny that just about anything with a chip in it starts to decline in performance right at the two year mark. I started noticing that the battery life was waning, and the apps were starting to slow down. Plus I had a MAJOR fiasco about a year ago with iTunes and an external hard drive crashing. That was fun. (But I got that all sorted out when I got the 5S.) I literally spent days working on trying to restore iTunes and my iPhone to it's previous status. I spent hours on the phone with Applecare, who ultimately just told me to re-install the iOS over and over again. I can't tell you how many reps would get to the 90 minute mark and then tell me they'd research it more for me and get back to me and never did. I had several of their contacts and could never get back in touch with them. My final analysis:  Applecare is useless. Everything they told me, I could have figured out myself, or with a good Google search. Which is why I'm not signing up with Applecare again. If I get in a real jam, I'll pay the $19 incident fee after the free 90 day mark.

Anyway, I digress, I went into the Sherwood AT&T store simply to ask what the cost would be to upgrade. That is, what the cost of the new unit would be; if I had to change my plan etc.

The rep I worked with was one of the best salespersons/customer service reps I have ever worked with. I told him initially, I didn't want to change my plan. That was why I went to the AT&T store; every time I upgraded at the Apple Store, they made me change my plan. But Ken was awesome. He explained to me (and I still don't fully get the logic on this) that he could change my plan, increasing my service, while DECREASING my cost, and then allow me to make monthly payments on the new iPhone. The net difference in my plan being around $20/month (however this month it looks more like $12). Very doable. He answered all of my questions, and was very patient while I made my decision, ultimately the most difficult decision was the color.I walked in for a little info, and walked out with a brand new 5S 64GB. Nicely done AT&T.

So...ultimately one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had. That is why I stay with AT&T, and I recommend them to everyone.