Friday, May 9, 2014


I saw this on Facebook. I couldn't stop thinking about it. This is one of the most awesome things I've ever seen!

This is footage taken by the US Marines of some kind of unidentified flying object hovering over, then destroying a Taliban base.


Here are my thoughts:
It's not a UFO. Well, OK, it is, but it's not from space. This is some kind of super-secret black-box Area 51 super technology. The video doesn't show the size respective to the rest of the environment, but it could be some kind of drone. Notice the triangle shape, you see it better at the end of the video. Also notice that it's a bit wobbly, like it's training day for some pilot.

Most "UFOs" are round or cylindrical in shape, at least that's what The History Channel would like us to think. And they "appear" to maneuver differently, according to my understanding of "witnesses" accounts. And I can't help but see a correlation of the triangle shape with the triangle shape of our stealth bombers and fighters. I believe there's something to the shape of a triangle. Maybe it deflects radar better than something round.

And check out the flash of light and the arcing sound just before everything blows up, some kind of new energy weapon? Death ray? Somebody call George Lucas, I know he wants a piece of that!

Voice of reason:  this could be a hoax. That convoy could be miles long. There could be tanks shelling whatever that was that blew up. The UFO could be digital, Jimmy Hoffa could have been filming it, blah, blah, blah....

However, this was unlike any UFO video I've ever seen. For the most part it was very clear, well resolved. AND it was in broad daylight. Could there be a possibility that the US Military WANTED this to be seen, as if it is on the brink of debuting a new weapon. Sort of a "don't mess with the US" campaign. The only UFO video I have seen that comes close to this was the famous "Phoenix Lights" video...ALSO of a triangular shaped object. Hmmm.....

But it's so much more fun to at least pretend it's some kind of UFO ruining the Taliban's day. I'd pay to see that any day.