Art & Design

I was talking to a friend the other day at work. We were talking about art and design. He seemed very interested in the discussion, and then he asked me if there was anywhere he could see my work. I said yeah, I have a blog, but a millisecond later I realized I didn't really have any of my design work posted, other than my banner and logotype and maybe a few other things.

So, I thought I'd build a gallery page to show my artwork and photography. I've had a page for art, just never put anything on it. Some of the stuff is from art school, some of it was for pay, some of it was just for fun. The following are links to some of the projects.

But if you're really interested in seeing my work, you should plan to check back from time to time because a gallery is really an evolving entity, and none of my projects are ever truly finished, and I have a LOT of them.

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