Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Dan Wright: The Big Man of Smallwood

Seven years ago I moved into my tiny home at Smallwood Apartments. I barely had enough things to furnish it. I didn't know anyone here, I had nothing. It wasn't too long after that I met an amazing neighbor in Dan Wright and we forged a solid friendship.

Dan was much like me in every way. He had no wife, no kids, no pets, but God it was hard not to like him. Every time I ran into him he was always so happy to see me. He wanted to know all about what I was doing or working on, in my writing, or my art, or my job.

Dan had great tastes in music, movies and food. Sometimes after work, Dan would come down to my apartment just to say hello. He knew my job was important to me so he never bothered me. 
Sometimes we'd have pizza or Thai food. He liked it spicy like I did. We shared our music and movies, we always had something new to watch, listen to or talk about.

Dan passed away last week, his friends and family suffered a great loss. He was a great guy, with an unbelievably big heart. 

God speed you on your journey to the next world Dan.