Friday, May 8, 2020

Paired with Lighter

What if you could pair light with a movie or TV show to create the perfect mood? You can pair wine or beer to create the perfect meal experience, so why not light?

There are many opinions on how to do just that. Some choose to create their own static scenes, some choose to use a sync box or a Philips Ambilight TV. I prefer to use the animated scenes from my favorite apps, one if which is Lighter. I thought about getting a sync box in the past, but decided against it for a number of reasons. One was the cost. With all the play bars and the sync box itself, it would have set me back over $600. Another reason is that I'm pretty much out of electrical outlets. I have a tiny apartment, but a pretty robust setup considering the space I have.

The idea for this article came to me the other night when I found a perfect pair. I put on Ghost in the Shell (2017), the live-action adaptation of the popular 90s Anime film. I was looking for a scene to match the mood of the film when I stumbled upon Midnight City from the the Retrowave collection of Lighter. The scene has a dark feel to it, very deep blues and purples with bursts of what I call "nuclear" orange.

Midnight City

Ghost in the Shell is a very dark film. I would classify it as "tech noir" because it portrays a very dark and dismal sci-fi future where the use of technology has all but erased what it means to be human. Pairing the scene to the film really created a pop, it made for a very immersive experience. Midnight City proved to be very good for the "tech noir" genre. I found it also paired well with Ex-Machina and the HBO series Westworld.

If you like fantasy, you should check out the HBO/BBC series His Dark Materials. It's based on a Philip Pullman's young-adult novel trilogy. It's a about a young girl who finds herself the centerpiece of a battle between good and evil in a world of whimsical flying machines and armored bears. The series opens with a scene of Lord Azrael (James McAvoy) at the north pole observing the Northern Lights. Pairs well with any of the Northern Lights themes in the Sky collection. There are three different scenes based on this theme in the collection. I recommend cycling through all of them to find one that suits your particular taste.

Northern Lights
Norwegian Aurora
I love movies and I love Hue. I also love creating moods. When you find that perfect pair, it intensifies the experience, makes it more real. I plan to have this article be the first in a series about pairing movies and TV shows with apps. So check back periodically to see what I've paired with Lighter.