Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Car Toys

So last night my car stereo stopped working. Popped the faceplate on and...nothing. Messed around with it a bit, checked the contacts, pressed the power button and all...nothing. And you know how much I like my music, especially in the car. So, needless to say, the day started out a bummer on the way to work. After work, I decided to swing by the Car Toys I bought the stereo at 3 years ago. I knew full well that I might be told "the stereo is out of warranty, we can't help you."
I explained my situation to a guy at the counter, and asked if he had a second to just look at it because I thought it might be a fuse or something. The thing worked fine the day before. He made a joke, he said "you want me to waive my magic wand...? Cause I do have one...." It sounded funnier. Then he said, "let's take a look." He asked a few questions, then he found a tiny "reset" button I didn't even see. He pressed it, and that was all it needed.
I was so grateful for his kind and excellent customer service. It's so rare these days to find someone who actually gives a $hit anymore. I remember the service I got at Circuit City. They just didn't care. I had a really bad experience there one time and never went back.