Saturday, February 22, 2014

Code Issues: A Little Frustrated But Not Beaten

For the last several hours I've been working on my blog. Trying new tricks, exploring all the cool things I can do, and all the ways I can find out how to do things I don't know how to do.

So I thought I'd try putting in some jump links. I've tried several attempts according to tutorials I found online, even saw some videos. It all looks so simple. Just use two simple tags:

<a href=”#bio”>Bio</a>
<a id=”bio”></a>

In all cases these should do the trick be they don't for me. 

Need some suggestions.

I did however have a personal victory. Another post had this extra space that I couldn't get rid of. I tried everything, checking it in compose mode, checking it in HTML mode. Couldn't seem to find the bug. Finally I just copied into word, deleted the post and started over. I had some issues with the font that were easy, but the space was still there. So, once again I checked the code, and found it. No more space. Personal victory for me.